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Information on applying for continuity of care for Phoenix Children’s patients with Aetna

Dear patient families,

Phoenix Children’s is no longer an in-network provider with Aetna as of August 7, 2023. While Aetna has cited it will honor in-network rates and patient access at Phoenix Children’s for a short period of time, it has not communicated this process and what is required, creating significant confusion for families.

We know this can be frustrating and we are here to help. Here are the steps you can take to maintain care with Phoenix Children’s:

Step 1: Contact Aetna to request continuity of care or transition of care forms.

Step 2: Fill out all areas of the forms except for the sections marked “Provider Information” and “Diagnostic and Treatment.”

Step 3: Give the completed form to your Phoenix Children’s provider who will complete the “Provider Information” and “Diagnostic and Treatment” sections. Our providers are expecting these forms and we’ve urged them to complete them as quickly as possible.

Step 4: Once the provider has signed the paperwork, they will return it to you, and you must submit the finished paperwork to Aetna within the next 90 days.

While we have been working hard to help patient families seek in-network access and continuity of care benefits with our many specialists, surgeons and providers, Aetna is delaying and or rejecting many of these in-network patient access requests. We are committed to fighting for our patients and holding Aetna accountable and we encourage patient families to contact Aetna today for answers regarding their benefits.

If you have questions about your portion of the paperwork, please contact the number on your insurance card to speak with Aetna directly. We’ve also provided answers to frequently asked questions on our website

Please know we are in continual talks with Aetna regarding the contract. If you have questions about the contracting process, please call the number of the back of your insurance card.

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