With your convenience in mind – and that of your patients and their families – Phoenix Children’s now offers three easy options for providers to refer patients to one of our many specialists. You may use any of the three following options, depending on the patient’s needs and urgency of the referral. 

On-Demand Booking

On-Demand Booking is a streamlined web-based application that makes it fast and convenient for providers to schedule an appointment for their patients at Phoenix Children's. With this tool, you can now book appointments directly into any of our 75+ specialty clinics. Instead of focusing on documentation and our specialists' preferences first, our emphasis is on what you and your patients need, with three different appointment setting options offering patients flexibility on times and days.


HealthPoint Online Referrals

Health Point is a web-based EMR program that allows you to electronically submit and track referrals, access Phoenix Children's medical records for your patients who receive care at our Hospital, set up alerts regarding your patients as well as view a patient's appointment history. 


Connected Care Center (formerly One Call)

Phoenix Children's makes it easy for providers to connect with our nationally recognized specialists and programs to get your patients the care they need. Connected Care Center (602-933-3627) is the only phone call you need to admit a patient, transfer a patient to our emergency department, request a provider-to-provider consult or schedule an urgent patient appointment. 



Call 602-933-KIDS (5437) to schedule an appointment
Fax referrals to 602-933-2436