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November 06, 2020, Ilce Alexander
My Baby is Crawling! How Can I Keep Her Safe?

Watching my little one begin to crawl and explore an entirely new world brought a big smile to my face. But it also brought an overwhelming sense of stress. As a concerned and nervous parent, I couldn’t help but ask a slew of questions: Are my floors clean enough? What will my baby find on the ground? Will my baby bump his head on something? What can he put in his mouth?

And as he explored, my fear turned into curiosity, and I decided to join him!  

Getting down on the ground will allow you to see everything from your child’s perspective (literally). Small objects like button batteries, toys, coins, pet food and kitty litter can pose a choking risk for your little one, and sometimes it’s hard to spot from five feet up!

And while it may seem silly to crawl around on the ground with your little ones, it’s one of a few different steps you can take to ensure that they’re exploring safely:

  1. Put medications away right after each use.
  2. Keep household cleaners, detergents and chemical products locked and out of the reach of children.
  3. Keep all cleaning products in their original containers. 
  4. Remove any small or broken toys and items that would fit in your child’s mouth
  5. Use furniture straps to secure furniture.
  6. Never underestimate your child's ability to climb. Look at your furniture through your child’s eyes; an extension of the playground.
  7. Stay informed on product recalls! Visit to register.

A home is a place where children can play, explore and grow: We want to ensure that our children grow up in environments free from hidden dangers that may seriously injure them.

There are many child-safety products available to keep their children safe. If you would like to learn more about how to create a safe home environment, contact Ilce Alexander by calling 602-933-3393.

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