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October 11, 2021, Alexander, Ilce ,
Halloween Costume and Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips
Halloween Costume and Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

Halloween is my favorite celebration of the year. I have so many wonderful childhood memories. Some of my best memories include school parties, costume contests, carving pumpkins, baking with my mother and, let’s not forget, the trick-or-treating.

One of my favorite childhood memories was dumping all my Halloween candy on the living room floor with my sisters. Every time we would see a full-size candy bar, we would scream with excitement. We would take pride in taking the best picture to show off our candy loot.

Another fond childhood memory is choosing my Halloween costume. On Halloween, you can be anything or anyone. Whether you are making your child’s costume or shopping for the perfect costume, consider these costume safety recommendations to keep your trick-or-treater safe:

  1. Costumes that are light in color or have bright colors are a safer option on Halloween night. Adding reflective tape, reflectors or clipping on lights to any costume will make any monster, vampire or kitten stand out for any moving vehicle. Carrying a flashlight or adding reflective tape to strollers and wagons will also keep your little pumpkins safe.
  2. Make sure children’s’ costumes fit comfortably. Children’s costumes should be the right size. Wearing lightweight/breathable material and wearing the right shoes will allow trick-or-treaters to move freely and will prevent them from tripping or falling. If your child is accessorizing, make sure accessories are not big in size, sharp or pointy.
  3. If celebrating indoors, wear a Halloween-themed mask as part of the costume. Take an extra precaution during the pandemic. Limit the crowds when trick-or-treating. Follow the CDC social distancing guidelines for Halloween.
Halloween Costume and Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

According to the CDC the number of child pedestrian injuries increase on Halloween. So, if you are just as excited as I am about Halloween and you are thinking of trick-or-treating, follow these simple tips.

  1. Never allow small children to cross the street by themselves. The excitement of candy combined with a big sugar rush can have any trick-or-treater spontaneously sprinting across the street. When your trick-or-treater crosses the street, remind them to look both ways. Make sure drivers see them and you before you cross.
  2. Always walk on sidewalks and well-lit paths. Walk don’t run. Princesses, superheroes, pirates, and vampires are safer when they walk on sidewalks facing traffic. Adults are also recommended to walk with children from home to home. We wouldn’t want them to trip or fall or get lost.
  3. Bring along sanitizer. As pillowcases or candy buckets fill up fast, it’s so tempting to eat yummy treats. Remind all sneaky hands to eat candy at home. This will allow you to inspect candy and select non-choking treats. If your trick-or-treater has a food allergy, read the candy label first.
Halloween Costume and Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

Halloween is a special day filled with fun and laughter. Have a “Spooktacular” time and remember to make tons of “fa-boo-lous” memories. As you drive around neighborhoods, put cell phones on airplane mode. Drive slowly and watch out for flying witches.

If you would like to learn more about Halloween safety, contact Ilce Alexander at our Center For Family Health & Safety by calling 602-933-3393.

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