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Complex Wound Clinic

When you choose Phoenix Children’s Complex Wound Care, you can expect a customized evaluation and treatment plan just for your child. The treatment plan will include wound healing treatment, education to help prevent or limit recurrence, and, if needed, referral to specialized durable medical equipment (DME) providers. Your child will receive our dedicated, specialized attention and the highest quality care possible.

The complex wound team at Phoenix Children’s uses the most advanced methods and nationally accepted standards of care to manage complex wounds. Our inpatient and outpatient wound care ensures your child gets all the care needed until healing is complete and long-term prevention is in place.

Your child’s wound care might include:

  • Cleaning and dressing the wound and helping you learn to do it at home if needed
  • Negative pressure wound therapy, a method of drawing out fluid and infection from a wound with a gentle vacuum
  • Antibiotics and other medications to treat and prevent infection
  • Surgery if needed to remove dead tissue to allow healing
  • Education for you and your child for long-term prevention of nonhealing wounds
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