Phoenix Children's Pediatrics
205 S. Dobson Rd., Suite 1, Chandler, AZ 85224

Courtney Friedline was incredible! It was our first time ever seeing her as our regular Peds wasnt working that day. I was nervous because it is hard to find providers that are this caring and extra patient with my daughter. Courtney took time to get to know my complex child, her medical history, her fears and her needs. She made sure to ask me what would work best for my child and honored those suggestions. I let Courtney know how scary and difficult throat swabs are for my kiddo after having a traumatic experience with a provider when she was hospitalized a few years ago. I told her that her primary Pediatrician spent a lot of time gaining back trust in Doctors. Courtney assured me that she wanted to keep that trust and not make the Doctor's office a scary place for her. Even though it was still a hard, but necessary procedure for my daughter, Courtney did her best to give my daughter control by allowing her to try to do the swab herself. When she wasn't able to do it properly Courtney did the procedure herself to ensure it was done quickly and properly. Afterwards she made sure to bring her a cherry lollipop (the only flavor she will eat) and sat down next to her and told her that she knew it was hard for her, how important the swab was, that it helped us to determine she would not need to take antibiotics (which are very challenging for her to take) and that she did a good job! I am so grateful for Courtney and how well she took care of my daughter!

I definitely feel like my daughter is well cared for at this doctor's office. I love the staff. I love that she spends time answering questions and feel like she is thorough with taking care of my daughter and definitely would refer others to this doctor's office.

Courtney was great!