About Navin S. Bhopal, MD

Navin Bhopal, MD, sees the field of medicine as a crossroad between science and the humanities. "Physicians have to be jack-of-all-trades: scientist, caregiver, social worker, counselor, manager," says Dr. Bhopal, a neonatology specialist at Phoenix Children's. "Having a baby is full of joy and wonder, but it is also a time of uncertainty and anxiety for parents even when the baby is born healthy and full term. Having a baby with medical needs is an extremely difficult time. The task of navigating a sick baby and their family through this process is not only challenging, but also rewarding."

When it comes to providing care for newborns with complex medical needs, Dr. Bhopal believes the best approach combines logic, empathy and compassion. While he is clear about his opinions and recommendations to help guide families in making difficult decisions, he strives to understand and incorporate their values into a personalized treatment plan.

For Dr. Bhopal, there's no greater gift than seeing his tiny patients prosper. "It is so rewarding to see a previously small or sick baby grow and thrive," he says. "To see the joy on parents' faces when they take their baby home is like nothing else. Working in a multidisciplinary team to make miracles happen and have a positive impact on the lives of children and their families is what draws me to this specialty."

A dedicated yoga and meditation practitioner, Dr. Bhopal enjoys spending his free time with his wife, daughter and their dog.

Pediatrics, Subspecialty-Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine

American Board of Pediatrics


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