Our fellowship graduates will predominantly serve underserved communities in the Southwest, providing care to children from diverse ethnicities and social backgrounds for years to come. As the sole Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship in Arizona, our program will positively impact not only the fellows but also the community.

The Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship Program integrates clinical research, quality improvement, and patient safety training, empowering fellows to develop the skills required to advance the field of pediatric nephrology through groundbreaking research. Our program is designed to offer fellows experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings, exposing them to a diverse patient population with complex medical conditions and emphasizing the development of skills necessary for patient-centered care. The pediatric anesthesiology fellowship at Phoenix Children's Hospital presents an exceptional educational opportunity for physicians pursuing a specialization in pediatric nephrology. Graduates of our program will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to deliver high-quality care to children with kidney diseases and contribute to the field's ongoing advancement. contribute to the advancement of the field of pediatric nephrology through innovative research.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship Program is now accepting applications for AY 2024/25.

Program Description and Goals

The Pediatric Anesthesiology division at Phoenix Children’s delivers exceptional care to children and adolescents requiring anesthesia for surgical and diagnostic procedures. We are the largest division in the Southwest, offering a comprehensive range of services, making us a leading institution in pediatric anesthesiology. These services encompass not only routine surgical anesthesia but also complex care for neonatal, cardiac, neurosurgical, trauma, and critical care patients. This scope provides an unparalleled educational platform for our Pediatric Anesthesiology fellows.

Our Pediatric Anesthesiology team is composed of fellowship-trained pediatric anesthesiologists, pediatric specialists, nurses, child life specialists, and others who can contribute to the comprehensive care of the child undergoing anesthesia. We prioritize a holistic approach, with a keen focus on the overall health and emotional well-being of the child and the family.

The provision of anesthetic care in pediatric patients is complex and calls for careful monitoring, often from the induction of anesthesia through the postoperative period. At Phoenix Children’s, we understand the importance of ensuring a continuum of care for children undergoing anesthesia, whether for a one-time procedure or for chronic conditions requiring multiple interventions. Our pediatric anesthesiologists take pride in developing long-term relationships with the children and their families, delivering personalized and comprehensive care.


Our program also offers training in scholarly activities, including research and academic teaching. Each fellow is expected to complete a scholarly project, which may be a clinical or basic science research endeavor. The fellows are responsible for designing and developing the study, conducting the appropriate research procedures, presenting the results at a national meeting, and writing a manuscript for submission to a peer-reviewed journal. A separate mentor, along with a scholarly oversight committee, will be available to guide the fellows throughout their scholarly pursuits. Additionally, the fellows are expected to participate in a quality improvement project within the division.

Curricula & Schedules

Our Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship Program is a comprehensive, year-long training designed for physicians who wish to specialize in the anesthesia care of pediatric patients. Our program emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach, combining expertise from both anesthesiology and pediatrics to offer trainees a robust and well-rounded understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of pediatric anesthesiology. Fellows will benefit from a diverse array of clinical exposures, ranging from neonatal and infant care to adolescent medicine, encompassing both routine and complex surgeries, as well as pain management techniques specific to the pediatric population.

The curriculum is structured to offer a balanced mix of didactic lectures, hands-on clinical rotations, and research opportunities. The didactic component covers essential topics in pediatric physiology, pharmacology, congenital heart disease, and the specific challenges of anesthesia in children. Our clinical rotations span a range of settings, including general pediatric surgeries, cardiac surgeries, neonatal and pediatric intensive care units, and chronic pain clinics. These rotations are designed to offer trainees a wide exposure, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle any pediatric case. Additionally, fellows are encouraged to undertake research projects, with ample mentorship support from our dedicated faculty, to foster a deeper understanding and potentially contribute to advancements in the field.

The fellowship program is meticulously structured to ensure an optimal blend of clinical experience, academic learning, and personal development. Over the course of the year, fellows will spend approximately 70% of their time in clinical rotations, ensuring a hands-on, immersive experience. The remaining time is divided between didactic sessions, seminars, and research endeavors. We understand the importance of work-life balance, so our scheduling also ensures that fellows have adequate time for self-study, reflection, and relaxation. Regular feedback sessions and performance reviews are integrated into the schedule to help fellows continuously refine their skills and adapt to the dynamic field of pediatric anesthesiology.


Barbara Gohre
Sr. GME Program Administrator
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Amod Sawardekar, MD
Program Director
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