The Mayo Clinic/Phoenix Children's Dermatology Fellowship Program is committed to shaping fellows into exceptional future pediatric dermatologists, equipped for both academic medicine and private practice, catering to pediatric patients locally and across the country. This mission echoes Mayo Clinic/Phoenix Children's vision of delivering unparalleled care to every patient through an integrated approach to practice, education, and research, and is upheld by the program's objectives. Our fellows will drive advancements in pediatric dermatology, elevate the performance of hospitals and healthcare systems, generate novel insights through research and innovation, and develop the skills to educate fellow physicians and healthcare providers. Our program aspires to cultivate physicians who will emerge as future leaders in pediatric dermatology.

Our program recognizes the significance of training fellows to become board-certified pediatric dermatologists possessing the procedural and clinical abilities, knowledge, and expertise to lead the way in the clinical, quality, research, and educational aspects of dermatological patient care. Our fellows will benefit from outstanding training within a clinically rich, nurturing, and educational environment that emphasizes innovation, personal well-being, and a dedication to excellence. Our goals are to 1) equip our fellows with the educational resources, clinical exposure, research experience, support, and mentorship required to excel in the multifaceted field of dermatology, 2) enable our fellows to acquire all-encompassing skills in the assessment, management, and procedural interventions associated with pediatric dermatology disorders, 3) motivate and prepare our fellows for future careers as pioneers in clinical medicine, research, and academic medicine within pediatric dermatology, and 4) stress and impart strategies to our fellows for maintaining wellness and personal effectiveness, allowing them to become exemplars of self-care and well-being while advocating for the welfare of the patients they serve.

Upon completion of our fellowship program, participants will possess a comprehensive and extensive understanding of both rare and infrequent pediatric skin disorders, including the care of medically intricate pediatric patients affected by skin conditions and specialized surgical techniques for young patients. Our fellows enjoy a unique learning experience in the operating room, where they collaborate with a perioperative team and a pediatric anesthesia team while treating pediatric patients under general anesthesia. Our program excels in its multidisciplinary approach, with fellows actively engaging in case presentations, leading discussions, instructing other medical professionals on pediatric skin conditions, and providing education to patients and families within these clinics, all while working closely with their subspecialty colleagues in a collaborative, team-based setting.

Join the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science (Arizona) Program in Pediatric Dermatology and embark on a rewarding career dedicated to improving the lives of children with skin disorders.