The Pediatric Endocrinology Fellowship Training Program at Phoenix Children’s provides the knowledge and clinical skills necessary to practice high quality, state-of-the-art pediatric endocrinology, and diabetes management. The program’s curriculum trains Fellows to master all six ACGME core competencies and the 21 identified pediatric subspecialty milestones. 

Goals of the Program

  • Learn basic and advanced endocrine biochemistry, physiology and pathophysiology, which provide the basis for understanding endocrine diseases.
  • Accumulate a critical mass of fundamental information and practical approaches for the diagnosis, management and prevention of endocrine disorders.
  • Acquire clinical skills in a progressive fashion and with increasing responsibility appropriate for a consultant in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills necessary for providing cost-effective, ethical and humanistic care of children with endocrine disorders and diabetes.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills necessary for critical analysis and interpretation of endocrine laboratory testing, imaging, and medical literature.
  • Acquire skills in design and performance of a quality improvement project and a hypothesis-driven endocrine research project. This may include gaining extensive experience in grant writing and scientific presentation.