The objective of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program at Phoenix Children's is to develop pediatric infectious disease specialists who excel in providing both general and specialized care. This three-year fellowship offers comprehensive training in pediatric and adult infectious diseases, including inpatient and outpatient clinical experiences. The program emphasizes the complexity and long-term management of infectious diseases, starting from early diagnosis and extending through adolescence.

Fellows will engage deeply with diverse patient populations, understanding the unique psychosocial aspects of pediatric infectious diseases. The program aims to serve underserved communities in the Southwest, contributing significantly to regional healthcare needs.

Incorporating clinical research, quality improvement, and patient safety training, the fellowship prepares physicians to advance the field through innovative research. It offers a blend of inpatient and outpatient experiences, focusing on patient-centered care and complex medical conditions. Graduates will be well-equipped to provide high-quality care and contribute to the field's advancement.

The Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program at Phoenix Children's, a unique educational opportunity for infectious diseases specialization, is accepting applications for AY 2025/26.

The Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship at Phoenix Children's is a three-year ACGME-accredited program designed to train fellows to become board-certified infectious diseases specialists. We focus on equipping fellows with essential clinical and procedural skills, knowledge, and expertise to lead in patient care, research, and education in infectious diseases. The program offers a nurturing environment that promotes innovation, personal wellness, and excellence.

Our goals include providing comprehensive educational resources, clinical experiences, and research opportunities, enabling fellows to develop skills in managing infectious diseases, and preparing them for leadership roles in clinical medicine, research, and academia. We emphasize wellness and personal effectiveness, aiming to cultivate fellows as role models in patient care and self-care.

Scholarly projects are integral to our program, with fellows expected to complete a research project, participate in a quality improvement project, and engage in medical education teaching. The program dedicates considerable time to scholarly activities, including research and academic teaching, with each fellow completing a scholarly project, presenting their findings at local and/or national meetings, and submitting abstracts for publication. A mentorship system and a scholarly oversight committee guide fellows through their academic pursuits.