Hello from sunny Phoenix!

My name is Jon McGreevy and I am the Director of the Phoenix Children’s Pediatric Residency Program Alliance. I would like to extend a warm welcome on behalf of our program! I have always felt that we have a unique and exceptional program I am fortunate to be a part of, and excited to tell you about.

There are so many aspects of our program that make it outstanding. First of all, our residents past and present remark having multiple training sites, within close proximity, is one of our greatest strengths. At Phoenix Children’s, a free-standing tertiary care facility, residents care for children with complex medical problems and work alongside highly specialized pediatricians. Residents also spend a good portion of their residency at Valleywise Health Medical Center, a public safety-net hospital with a strong general pediatric experience and a faculty that promotes resident autonomy.

Our curriculum is purposefully balanced to expose residents to the full range of pediatric experiences. Additionally, we offer residents the opportunity to individualize their education by choosing to participate in specialized tracks and longitudinal experiences geared towards their future careers. We are extremely proud to watch our residents go on to match in their top fellowships, become some of the brightest pediatricians in the community, and practice across the country and around the world!

Our program has undergone a significant amount of growth over the past decade which has allowed us to broaden the opportunities available to our residents including more recently, protected academic block conferences, a robust advocacy program and a scholarship oversight committee to promote resident research to name a few. Our residents have been instrumental in the evolution of our program, and are empowered to share their ideas, join committees, and become leaders towards making our program stronger.

I am also very proud of the efforts we have made for promoting physician wellness and self-care. We have partnered with our institution to create programs including Focus Days to accommodate healthcare appointments, a Wellness curriculum and workshops and retreats to foster a sense of support and community among our residents.

With the many changes through the years, one important thing that has remained constant - the superior quality of the people we are surrounded by. Our residents enter our program with a variety of backgrounds, interests and perspectives. They are supported by knowledgeable and caring directors, chiefs, coordinators, faculty and classmates, who strive to help them learn and thrive. When they graduate, they bring all they have learned, plus wisdom from all the people they have encountered, to the next phase of their journey.

We are seeking residents that are not just good physicians, but good people; those who not only share our mission of service, advocacy and excellent patient care, but who also appreciate all of the non-medical things in life that keep us whole. 

Please feel free to contact one of our coordinators, Sandra Barker (at Phoenix Children's) or Lysette Borquez (at Valleywise Health Medical Center) for more information. I welcome the opportunity to meet you and tell you more about our program in person. 

Best wishes,

Jon McGreevy