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In-hospital Volunteer FAQ's


I’m not 18 years old yet. Can I still volunteer?

You must be at least sixteen years of age to be a volunteer in the hospital on your own. However, after bringing back volunteers due to the pandemic we have a significantly large wait list of volunteer applicants that are under eighteen. The Family Volunteer Program is also wait-listed at this time. The Family Program pairs a parent or guardian with their 13-17 year old teen as a pair. Please check back for updates as to when we will be accepting applications for these age groups again.

I’m a winter visitor. Can I volunteer in just the winter months?

For part-time residents, participating in our community events is a perfect way to help the children and the hospital. You register for the events that fit your schedule. There are no interviews or training requirements. A Health Screen is not required. Volunteering in the hospital requires training and a commitment to a same-time, same-day schedule of 3 to 4 hours per week for a minimum of about six to eight months. Therefore, community events are the best way to participate if you are only visiting the area for a few months. Return to the Volunteer page and visit Get Started to learn more about both programs and register. 

Volunteer dress code

Volunteers are required to wear business casual attire. Shorts, sleeveless shirts, and open toed shoes are not permitted. The dress code will be reviewed in more detail in your orientation training.  

Can I volunteer with a friend?

In-hospital volunteers at Phoenix Children’s are assigned individually to areas for their service. You can certainly carpool if you’re assigned to the same day and time as your friend! Please discuss it at the interview. Community events are different. Often we have friends and groups that participate together. Some groups participate in the events as a team-building activity. 

What immunizations am I required to have?

You will need to show immunization records for measles, mumps, and German measles (all part of the MMR vaccine). Also, chicken pox (Varicella) and Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (all part of TDap vaccine) and a recent flu shot (influenza). A tuberculosis (TB) test will be provided if you have not had one recently. All of this will be reviewed with you in your interview prior to your Health Screen appointment.

I don’t know what immunizations I had. What do I do?

You will be required to show immunity to measles, mumps, German measles and chicken pox. It is best if you have your immunization records, or physician records that document you had those illnesses.  Without them you will need a blood test, at your expense, to see if you are immune. If the blood work shows you are not immune, you will need to get the vaccinations at your physician’s office and provide proof to our Occupational Health Office before you can volunteer. All of this will be reviewed with you in your interview prior to your Health Screen appointment. 

I really only want to hold and rock babies. Is there a program like that?

Several of our volunteer positions include contact with patients of all ages, from newborn to teens, and can sometimes include holding and/or feeding a baby. We do not have a specific Baby Cuddler Program

I/we would like to come in and read, play games, and visit with the patients.  Is that ok?

Unfortunately, due to infection control and confidentiality guidelines only in-hospital volunteers may come into contact with the patients in the hospital. If you or any members of your group would like to become an In-Hospital Volunteer please visit the website to learn more. 

Groups can also help the hospital by volunteering with our Community events. Return to the Volunteer page and visit Get Started to register with the Community volunteer program. Groups can also apply to host a special event in our Child Life Zone.

My schedule seems to change regularly. Can I change my shift schedule?

Volunteers are assigned to shifts the same day and time of day each week. Changes can be made periodically (i.e. you had a job change or a change in your school schedule) However, frequent and/or weekly changes are not possible.

How soon can I start?

From the date you’re interviewed and placed in a volunteer position, the average time to complete all training (most of it is online), the hospital tour, and health screen is two to three weeks. At your interview ask how you can be most efficient with the orientation process and you may find it only takes you a week or two to complete!

I am already a Phoenix Children's Community volunteer, how do I become an In-hospital volunteer, too?

If you have already registered your name with the Phoenix Children's Community Volunteer database, and then tried to apply to become an In-hospital Volunteer you may find the system prevents you from doing that since your email address is already on file with Phoenix Children's. If you have encountered this, follow this Tutorial to apply to the In-hospital program. 

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