No one should delay getting the medical care they need because of insurance or cost concerns. At Phoenix Children’s, we have a team of financial counselors here to help you:

  • Understand your insurance benefits
  • Provide more detail regarding estimated charges
  • Make a plan to pay your portion of the bill

Support from a Financial Counselor

Our dedicated financial counselors will help you understand your benefits and, if you’re eligible, help you apply for commercial insurance or Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) coverage. If you cannot afford to pay your bill after all payers have processed your claim(s), we’ll help you apply for financial help from Phoenix Children’s. We’ll also explain the documents you’ll need to receive financial assistance.

Contact a Financial Counselor

For questions about the Financial Assistance Application process, please call Financial Counseling at 602-933-2000. Financial counselors are available seven days a week:

  • Mon. – Fri.: 7 am to 6:30 pm MT
  • Sat. – Sun.: 8 am to 4:30 pm MT

Our Customer Service team also is here to help with any billing questions. Call Customer Service at 602-933-8700 Mon. – Fri.: 8 am to 5 pm MT.

Download a Financial Assistance Application

After you talk to one of our financial counselors, you may decide to apply for financial assistance. Your counselor will help you know which forms to use and how to complete them. Most of the time, to apply for financial help, you’ll complete and submit a cover letter and application form.

Phoenix Children’s Financial Assistance Policy was established to do the following:

  • Identify and assist patients who lack the financial resources to meet all or part of their financial liability for services rendered
  • Determine a patient’s eligibility for Phoenix Children’s-based financial assistance

Phoenix Children’s policies allow fair discounts and protection to low-income or uninsured patients and ensure consistent and fair collection practices. The hospital publishes a financial aid policy that is consistent with our mission and values and considers each patient's ability to contribute to the cost of their care and the hospital’s financial ability to provide care. We are further committed to ensuring a financially sound organization through responsible care of the resources entrusted to us so that we may continue to provide outstanding medical care with a highly skilled workforce employing the latest advances.

The hospital communicates the Financial Assistance Policy to the public by the following means:

  • The hospital conspicuously posts in all registration areas of the hospital the telephone number those patients may call to obtain further information on the hospital's Financial Assistance Policy for low income and uninsured.
  • The patient handbook includes information on the hospital's Financial Assistance Policy for low income and uninsured.
  • Computerized billing statements include information on the Financial Assistance Policy for low income and uninsured, including contact information, telephone numbers and an email address for any patient requesting assistance.

The Phoenix Children’s Financial Assistance Policy for low income and uninsured is designed to:

  • Use a consistent sliding fee scale for patient liability in assessing patient financial need. The ranges serve as a guide in offering financial assistance.
  • Provide extended payment plans with no interest charges to our low-income and uninsured patients.
  • Assist patients in applying for state and federal financial aid programs for which they qualify.

The hospital’s financial counselor will process the patient account and obtain approval for charity assistance from the director of hospital or physician revenue cycle operations, patient financial services director, chief financial officer, or Phoenix Children’s board of directors.

Financial assistance requests that exceed a monthly income of 400% of the Federal Poverty Level may require further approval.


  • As changes may not be immediately reflected here, please contact your health plan to ensure that Phoenix Children’s and Phoenix Children’s Medical Group are participating providers in your health plan’s network to ensure the highest benefit level.
  • Coverage limitations are dependent upon individual group contracts. Your insurance or health plan may require prior approval before services are rendered for coverage. You should contact customer service for your health plan to ensure approval is granted to minimize or eliminate your financial responsibility.
  • No patient is denied needed care due to inability to pay.