We believe in the value of keeping up with school, even during an extended stay at Phoenix Children’s. Not only does it lower anxiety levels, but it also helps your child feel better, physically and mentally. A healthy mind can lead to a healthy body. The 1 Darn Cool School program serves as a bridge between the hospital and your child’s school, so they can stay on track. 

The program is currently 100% funded by Desert Financial Credit Union and the Desert Financial Foundation. We are extremely thankful for their support, which enables us to help kids thrive.

  • Year-round academic support for patients ages 5–22 by Arizona-certified, master’s level teachers.
  • An incentive program to encourage patients to remain engaged in learning during a hospitalization. As they work with teachers, patients earn “School Bucks” that they can exchange for toys, games or gift cards.
  • Education support and guidance.
  • Assistance with school communication when a release of information form has been signed. This form is listed as a “to-do” in the patient portal when families request support from 1 Darn Cool School.
  • Support navigating 504 meetings and Individual Education Plan (IEP) needs.
  • Re-entry support and guidance for when your child is ready to return to school in-person.
  • Information on alternative programs, school enrollment or academic placement.
  • Support navigating Homebound services if your child is unable to attend regular classes for at least three months. Your child’s physician will determine if their condition warrants education at home. If it does, our teachers are available to support the paperwork process and communication with the school district.

When your child is ready to return to school, we are available to help navigate the process.

A patient’s home school will take the lead when it is time to re-enter school. We offer support with school communication, 504 guidance or Individual Education Plan (IEP) input.

This helps ensure your child has a smooth transition when they return to school.

If homebound services are recommended by the physician, our teachers will work with the medical team and patient’s school to begin the paperwork process.

During this process, our teachers frequently communicate with the district. They provide the signed forms to them and guide both the family and school team on what the child’s workload should look like.

From there, a homebound teacher from the child’s district is selected and a plan is created. The patient will then receive support from the home district while they are at home, and support from us while they are in the hospital.

Ultimately, the child’s district/school takes the lead on “qualifying” the patient for homebound after a physician recommendation, and then works with the family and our teacher (if requested) to design the best learning fit during treatment and hospitalization.

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