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Pediatric Residency Program

Categorical Pediatric Program Curriculum

Phoenix Children’s Pediatric Residency Alliance (PCPRA) is participating in an ACGME approved pilot program and has transitioned to an X+Y block schedule. The goal of X+Y scheduling is to decouple inpatient and ambulatory experiences; this allows for residents to remain focused in a clinical area and reduce the number of transitions and handoffs needed.

In our X+Y schedule each resident will do 3 weeks of an “X” block followed by 1 week of a “Y” block. X blocks are typically hospital-based experiences such as inpatient wards, ICU, or ED. The Y block is focused on outpatient activities such as continuity clinic, the resident longitudinal experience (RLE), and rotations such as Community and Developmental Pediatrics.

X+Y scheduling has several benefits:

  • Significantly decreases number of patient hand-offs (residents will no longer leave inpatient experiences for continuity clinic)
  • Allows for decompression after more challenging rotations as every 3-week block is followed by an outpatient experience
  • Allows for more consistency in continuity clinic scheduling, ideally providing more continuity overall
  • Inpatient teams will no longer have the challenge of managing patients while 1-2 residents are in outpatient clinics.

Curriculum By Year

First Year   
Inpatient 5 blocks (4PCH + 1VW)
Outpatient (call free optional) 2 blocks (1PCH + 1 VW)
Newborn  2 blocks  (VW or St. Joseph's)
Emergency 1 block
Well Baby Nursery 1 block (VW or St. Joseph's)
Elective 1 block
Second Year  
Inpatient Supervisor 2 blocks
Inpatient Hematology/Oncology 1 block
Outpatient Clinic 2 blocks  (1 PCH + 1 VW) 
Critical Care 2 blocks (PICU/NICU)
Emergency 1 block
Elective Rotations 2 blocks
Adolescent Medicine 1 block
Community Pediatrics 1 month (PCH)
Back up / Cross cover 1 block
Vacation 4 weeks
Third Year  
Inpatient Supervisor 4 blocks
Back up / Cross cover 2 blocks
Critical Care  2 blocks (PICU/NIUC/Red)
Emergency 1 block
Elective Rotation 3 blocks
Vacation 4 weeks


Fourth Year Out of Training Chief Resident

Subspecialty Elective Experiences

Residents have seven rotations to choose a subspecialty experience beneficial for their career. Available options are as follows:

Allergy & Immunology Endocrinology Pathology
Anesthesiology ENT Pulmonology
Breastfeeding Medicine Gastroenterology Radiology
Cardiology Hematology & Oncology Research
Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit Hospice & Palliative Care Rheumatology
Child Abuse Infectious Disease Surgery
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Medical Genetics Sports Medicine
Chiracahua Community Health (Rural Health) Nephrology Toxicology
Cottonwood Community Clinic (Rural Health) Neurology Tuba City, Navajo Nation (Rural Health)
Dermatology Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Urgent Care
Early Childhood Care Independent Study Pain Management  
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