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Community Outreach & Advocacy

Pediatric Residency Program

At Phoenix Children's we’ve made a commitment to improving the health and lives of all children in our community – not just the ones we see as patients.

Through innovative community programs and partnerships, we’re working to improve the overall well-being of the children of Arizona. When you look at factors like poverty, education and health status, our state ranks 41st in the nation, and we rank 46th in child immunizations. Last year, 250,000 children in our state were living in poverty and 300,000 were without healthcare coverage. All of these numbers underscore the need for progressive and far-reaching programs that impact as many children as possible.

The number one cause of death of Arizona’s children is accidental injury, and 90% of those injuries could be prevented. For instance, we live in state where more than 20 children die from drowning each year, and many more are severely injured from near-drownings. Our state ranks 38th in deaths for children ages 1 to 14, and 37th in teen deaths. Injury prevention programs are critical.

Phoenix Children's has also implemented unique programs that have been successful in promoting exercise and nutrition, and making homes safer. We’re working to prevent child abuse, and helping parents understand the development of children, as well as educating them about the health issues of their child.

These programs and services are often a collaborative effort with generous corporations, organizations, individual donors and volunteers who have made a similar to commitment to our children. Together, we’re making a difference in our community.



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