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Neurotrauma Lab

Research Institute

The Neurotrauma Lab at Phoenix Children's focuses on biomedical research advances knowledge and improvement in our understanding of pediatric disease processes so that healthcare providers can improve patient care and quality of life for patients and their families. Primarily, the lab targets acquired neurological injury, such as traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, spinal cord injury, and stroke.

In conjunction with Phoenix Children's clinical providers, the Neurotrauma Lab seeks to learn about roadblocks and advancements in disease diagnosis and treatment. These observations lead to new research questions, the development of hypotheses and specific research aims to advance healthcare.

Investigational areas of the Neurotrauma Lab

  • Circuit disruption as the principle cause of neurological dysfunction.
  • Inflammation as a cellular process that promotes chronic symptomatology and repair.
  • Endocrine dysfunction that can contribute to long term morbidities.
  • Aspects of injury and recovery in the youth and juvenile populations.
  • Alternative therapies to prevent, cure and/or treat neurological symptoms.
  • Comprehensive biomarker identification for somatic, cognitive and affective conditions after injury.
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