Celiac Disease Clinic

During your child’s first visit to the Celiac Disease Clinic, you will meet with pediatric gastroenterologist Elizabeth Collyer, MD, and registered dietitian Rachel Goodwin, RD. Dr. Collyer and Rachel both have celiac disease and are passionate about helping children with this condition live full, happy lives.

They will:

  • Help you understand what celiac disease is
  • Teach you how to follow a gluten-free diet 
  • Invite you to our monthly educational class for families dealing with celiac disease 
  • Provide referrals as needed to other specialists, such as psychologists who can help children who are struggling with their diagnosis

Celiac Disease Tests

Doctors use two types of tests to diagnose (or rule out) celiac disease. These include blood tests and tests on tissue samples taken from the small intestine. If your child has not had these outpatient tests yet, Dr. Collyer may order them, along with other tests.

We Are Here to Help

Most patients return to the Celiac Disease Clinic once a year for a check-up, testing and to learn about new research or treatment options. Our team is always available to families in between appointments. If you need resources or have any questions, please contact us.