For Children and Young Adults with Genetic Skin Conditions

Phoenix Children’s is home to a multispecialty clinic just for children, adolescents and young adults with genetic conditions involving the skin. A congenital skin condition often presents itself at birth and is an irregularity to the skin.

Our Congenital and Genetic Skin Disease Clinic offers a full range of services and works with local and international laboratories to offer the most complete and thorough genetic testing available. This allows our specialized pediatric treatment plans to be individualized to the patient and their needs.

Multispecialty Care

Our multispecialty approach to any congenital and genetic skin disease is distinctly different from other programs, in that our clinicians and staff are committed to providing the best care available for these rare and often hard-to-treat conditions through collaboration.

The Congenital and Genetic Skin Disease Clinic occurs once a month. You and your child will have the chance to see a pediatric dermatologist, geneticist and a genetics counselor, as well as a member of our social work team for a fully integrated approach. Our specialty nurse, Kellie Badger, will help coordinate the care and resources you need. She can assist with coordination of care along with offering resources, support and education. Please call her at 602-933-2053.