The Palliative Care Team at Phoenix Children’s develops a unique plan for every child and family to provide the best quality of life during an illness.

Palliative care helps people cope with serious, life-threatening and life-limiting conditions. At Phoenix Children’s Hospital, your child’s palliative care team will work with you to coordinate care and advocate for your family.

Unlike hospice care, palliative care is not just for people who need end-of-life care. We’re here for children at any and every stage of their condition. Whether your child has recently been diagnosed with a serious illness or has a complex, ongoing condition, palliative care works alongside other treatments to provide the best possible quality of life.

We recognize that your child’s condition impacts your entire family. That’s why we take a family-centered approach to care, designed to fit each family’s unique set of needs. When appropriate, our team also connects families with resources in the community to provide support at home or hospice care. Our goal is to do everything possible to support your child and your family throughout this journey.