Severe Asthma Clinic

Researchers continue to learn what causes asthma. While it is not entirely understood, the following factors play a part:

Asthma runs in families.

Some allergies are more common in people with asthma.

Infants and young children who have some respiratory infections are more likely to have long-term lung problems.

Irritants, like pollution and allergens, are known to cause asthma.

What causes asthma flare-ups?

Triggers are those things that cause asthma symptoms to get worse or asthma flare-ups. Each child has different triggers and a very important part of asthma management is identifying and trying to avoid triggers. Asthma triggers include:

  • Allergens, such as pollen, dust and pets
  • Upper respiratory infections, such as colds or the flu
  • Inhaled irritants, such as secondhand smoke
  • Certain weather conditions, such as cold air
  • Exercise or physical activity
  • Emotions, such as crying, laughing or yelling

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