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Patient and Family Advisory Councils

The Neonatology (NICU) PFAC consists of a team of families, caregivers, clinicians, administrators and senior leaders within the organization dedicated to providing the best possible family experience for NICU families. The group meets regularly and works hard to ensure the NICU, Nest Clinics and overall fetal care network are constantly improving their services, safety and quality of care.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Created a parent-to-parent program in partnership with Raising Special Kids and increased awareness among the nursing team
  • Helped with Critical Transitions Quality Projects with the NICU team
  • Planned NICU Nurses’ Week celebration
  • Planned and held NICU Reunions, bringing families and the healthcare team together

Six Months in NICU: Claudia Gamez, NICU PFAC Member

“Our journey to Phoenix Children’s began on January 23, 2013, when our daughter was transferred from Yuma, Arizona. Throughout our six-month stay in the NICU, we went through an emotional roller coaster with every day presenting new challenges. I lived my worst day and happiest day ever within a few hours of each other.

The doctors, nurses and staff were all an instrumental part in the miracle God granted us in saving her. I am forever indebted to them for how hard they fought for our daughter, never giving up and all while holding our hand. Through their amazing care and dedication, they showed me how much of a fight our family had in us. Together, we ensured her the best quality of life.

Throughout my years serving on the council, I have become a humbler, yet more confidant advocate. Seven years have passed, and we are fortunate to call Phoenix Children’s our home away from home!”

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