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Alumni PFAC

Patient and Family Advisory Councils

The Alumni Patient and Family Advisory Council consists of adult patients and/or family members who make a commitment to be the voice of the patient and their families. This advisory council consists of members that have already served on other PFAC councils for a two-year term with good standing and have a desire to continue to give back. These crucial members look at the Phoenix Children’s experience through the eyes of a parent and/or child and provide a voice to invoke positive change, as well as regularly remind us of the needs of the patients and families in relation to donations and special events.

Members serve as senior advisors, keeping the needs of patients and families at the forefront. Alumni PFAC members also support other specialty-line councils in their goals and efforts. This group offers assistance to newer members during the learning process to ensure they are comfortable with the advisory councils’ purpose, protocol and functions.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Identified gaps and provided feedback on supporting families during the bereavement process.
  • Facilitated increased understanding on progress for the transition of care programs and protocols from pediatric to adult care.
  • Coordinated food drives for family pantries
  • Assisted with a PFAC reunion and year-end PFAC celebration.

Two Babies Born with Heart Conditions: Two Moms Become Advisors and Allies

“A tale of two children. Two babies were born on the same day, both with heart conditions. One had been diagnosed in utero with lifesaving interventions precisely planned and intricately carried out. One was diagnosed shortly after birth — born blue and listless, needing air ambulance support to Phoenix Children’s.

Both families found lifesaving support for their children, Mark and Dylan, at different points of their medically complex journey. The boys’ moms, Molly and Melissa, wanted to give back and served as the first two chairs of the Heart Center PFAC. When their terms were up, they wanted to continue to help. They formed the Alumni PFAC with the guidance of their liaison.

We have many different stories of miracles delivered here daily.  And one of those stories might have been your family's. We encourage all families to come join us!  First with time to a service line PFAC, and eventually with us at Alumni PFAC to help with continual improvement.”


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