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Patient and Family Advisory Councils

If your child or loved one has received care at any of Phoenix Children’s outpatient clinics and services, you could help us better serve all our patients and families. The Ambulatory PFAC is a wonderful and knowledgeable group who focuses on improving the patient and family experiences in all the outpatient clinic settings. This passionate group includes Phoenix Children’s administrators, staff, patient and/or family volunteers who meet on a monthly basis and come together to improve all areas of the Phoenix Children’s experience. The combined experiences and suggestions lead to improvements in areas such as: specialty clinics, radiology, outpatient surgery, therapy clinics and many other areas of care.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Created a Mental Health Care Resource Guide for families who are in need of Psychiatrists, Psychologists or Mental Health Providers.
  • Continued progress on creating a standard of care response time from providers via phone, portal or email
  • Facilitated a question-and-answer session with hospital physicians and families in partnership with Raising Special Kids during COVID
  • Provided feedback for telehealth and patient portal to improve the user experience for families

Family-Centered Care Comes Alive: From Laurie Shook, Former Ambulatory PFAC Chair

“It is amazing to be part of this group and to be able to make a difference in the lives of so many families as they walk similar roads. Seeing how much Phoenix Children’s cares about our perspective is even more heartwarming. I was able to watch as Phoenix Children’s added fun games for the kids to play while waiting for clinic appointments, assisted in creating a mental health care list for families, and we even held a live chat for families to be able to ask questions to leadership. This was huge! Having leadership, doctors and families all brainstorming together makes family-centered care come alive. Phoenix Children’s is the true definition of this, and I am so proud to have served and will continue to serve wherever needed.”

The Shook Family

The Shook Family

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