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Developmental Pediatrics Resources (DBPEDS)

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Fewer than 30% of children with developmental and behavioral problems are identified before school entrance. Although most of these children receive routine pediatric care or attend preschool programs, their problems frequently do not come to the attention of health professionals and teachers.

By providing these professionals with training and access to crucial information and resources, the Developmental Pediatrics Program at Phoenix Children's is supporting optimal childhood development through the early identification of problems.

The Program is poised to become one of Arizona's vital resources for information for residents and community physicians-about early brain and child development. We provide a comprehensive assessment for children who may present with developmental delays (cognitive, social-emotional, motor, speech and language), disruptive behaviors and problems with attention and learning.

Each provider has received additional specialty training in child development and behavior making them uniquely qualified to understand, assess and treat this medically complicated patient population.

The program features several multidisciplinary clinics to enhance patient care, including:

In addition to these specialty clinics, all of our providers see patients with developmental or behavioral disorders in the Developmental Pediatrics Clinic.

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