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Concussion Clinic

Our Concussion Program includes a clinic dedicated to the assessment and care of young athletes who have suffered sports concussions. We offer improved patient care by ensuring access to the variety of subspecialty programs neurotrauma patients require for evaluation, diagnosis, management and treatment.

We have designed a program and multidisciplinary clinic located in convenient locations across the Valley to assess and care for these children. This allows for a better experience for both the family and patient. A collaboration of pediatric Neurosurgery, Neurology, Sports Medicine, Neuropsychology, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitative Services provides improved communication, clinical care, research, education, and most importantly, patient- and family- centered care.

Convenient access to concussion treatment

It is our goal to offer children and their families one-stop care, where routine concussion treatments are researched, evaluated and consistently improved as new research becomes available.

Don’t rush recovery

Our concussion experts advise that young athletes who have suffered a concussion don’t return to a sports-related activity until they are able to return to school and participate in cognitive tasks without symptoms returning. Serious medical issues can arise if a child returns to sport and reinjures the brain before it has fully healed from the initial concussion.

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