Our mission is to train child neurologists to become empathic future leaders, clinicians, and subspecialists, while training in an inclusive, supportive, and comprehensive environment.

Child Neurology Residency Aims

  1. We aim to train child neurologists to become future leaders, clinicians, and subspecialists. We aim to do this via an educational curriculum that provides a wide range of patient complexity, diversity, and pathology across multiple ambulatory and hospital clinical settings. We also strive to do this with an understanding of the need for individualization of training to allow for specific career goals.
  2. We aim to prepare our residents to go on to practice general Child Neurology, or become academic Child Neurologists in major universities, or complete further fellowship training. We strive to offer mentorship and research opportunities to all residents to contribute to the rapidly evolving body of clinical and basic science child neurology research. Our residents have successfully been admitted to fellowships including pediatric epilepsy, pediatric headache, pediatric neuro immunology, pediatric movement disorder, pediatric traumatic brain injury, pediatric neuromuscular, and pediatric Neuro Critical Care.
  3. We aim to create the type of academic campus where both residents and attending physicians feel welcomed and supported. Many of our graduates have left for fellowship or private practice and then returned to become part of our permanent faculty. We strive to promote an awareness of the essential nature of physician self-care and resiliency, with an understanding of the need to promote long-term professional fulfillment and longevity.
  4. We aim to continue to show a strong commitment to recruitment and retention of a diverse and inclusive workforce of residents, fellows, and faculty members.
  5. We aim to have an ongoing community of child neurologists who represent the best that Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children's Hospital can produce.