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Movement Disorders Program

Our neurosurgeons, neurologists and rehabilitation specialists are dedicated to helping children with movement disorders have rich, fulfilling lives. Comprehensive treatment options, including botulinum toxin injections, intrathecal baclofen pumps, selective dorsal rhizotomy and pediatric deep brain stimulation are available for carefully selected patients from our expert surgical team.

We offer deep brain stimulation

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) involves the insertion of tiny electrodes into the deep parts of the brain that control movement, and delivering carefully selected stimulation to those brain regions. DBS has revolutionized the care of adults with movement disorders such as Parkinson's disease, essential tremor and dystonia. We are proud to say that it is now being offered to our patients at the Movement Disorders Center. Our DBS team is accepting patients with dystonia and related disorders for pre-surgical evaluations.

Consider a clinical trial

Clinical and translational research is at the core of our Movement Disorders Program. It is our goal to provide every patient with the opportunity to participate in ground-breaking research that we incorporate into every clinic visit. This includes clinical trials that seek to improve diagnosis and treatment, as well as translational research studies that use emerging technologies such as genomics, proteomics and stem cell-based neuron models.

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