Sometimes, life can be hard. And for children and adolescents facing a particularly tough road – whether it’s a new diagnosis or an ongoing struggle with a mental disorder – the daily challenges of just being a kid can become tough to navigate. The pediatric psychiatry program at Phoenix Children’s is here to help.

Let's Find a Path Forward, Together

As one of the only psychiatry programs for children and young adults in the Phoenix area, we offer comprehensive services and support – from consultations and outpatient appointments to inpatient care.

Care Tailored to Your Child

A child’s social and emotional wellbeing affects every aspect of their life. It makes the things many of us take for granted more difficult: Making friends, participating in school or just enjoying favorite activities. And as a parent, you know your child is so much more than a label or behavior. We see that, too.

We want to get to know your child and all they can offer. During outpatient appointments, we use a wide variety of therapies, including talk therapy, cognitive behavior techniques and, when needed, medication management. And if your child needs a little extra support, our inpatient psychiatry unit offers care exclusively to children ages 12 and younger.

Where Physical and Mental Health Come Together

Your physical health can have a big impact on your mental health – and vice versa. Think about a young child with a cold. Chances are they aren’t in the best mood as they deal with the discomfort of a runny nose or sore throat. Now, take that minor inconvenience and compare it to what a child or young adult may be feeling as they navigate multiple doctor’s appointments and treatment for a more serious disease.

We know that children who have a psychiatric illness or suffered an emotional or physical trauma have an increased risk of medical complications and are less likely to comply with medical advice.

These reasons – and so many more – are why the pediatric psychiatry team is dedicated to looking at your child as a whole person. And our unique position at Phoenix Children’s allows us to do that.

We work closely with your child’s care team so that their mental health is every bit of a focus as their physical health. Many times, you’ll find us in the same clinic as your child’s care team or making rounds in the hospital with your child’s provider. It’s this seamless integration that can lead to better outcomes.

Advancing the Future of Care

At Phoenix Children’s, we are committed to improving the care available to children and adolescents today and in the future. Our pediatric psychiatry program includes a robust fellowship program for residents interested in pursuing a career in the field.

We also regularly share our knowledge with area pediatricians to help them accurately screen and diagnose their patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety and depression in the primary care setting. Learn more about the psychiatry faculty learning collaborative (FLC).

In Partnership With Your Child’s Provider

Your child’s primary care provider is an important part of their healthcare team. We’ll work closely with them to keep them updated on your child’s treatment and progress. In fact, your child’s primary care provider is often the best place to start the conversation about your child’s social and emotional health. They can start your child on treatment or refer your child to our team. If you do not have a pediatrician, we have Phoenix Children’s Pediatrics with locations around the valley.

Psychiatry Physicians & Providers

Todd P. Levine, MD
4.8 / 5
Funda S. Bachini, MD
Division Chief, Psychiatry; Medical Director, Inpatient Psychiatric Unit