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Patient and Family Advisory Councils & Patient/ Parent Workgroups

Support Programs

At Phoenix Children’s, we’re committed to constantly improving patient care and giving every child and family the best health care experience possible — and you can help. If your child or loved one has been a Phoenix Children’s patient at any location in our health system, there are several ways you can provide input and help us learn from your experience.

The first step: Apply to become a member of either a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) or Patient/ Parent Workgroup (PPWG). You can also join our Virtual Advisory Council, with or without joining a PFAC or PPWG.

These diverse groups bring together patients, parents, family members and caregivers, staff, leadership and care team members. The goal is to ensure patients and families are engaged in the decisions that affect quality of care, safety and the overall patient experience.

Patient Family Advisory Councils (PFAC)

PFACs include:

Patient Parent Work Groups (PPWG)

PPWGs include:

Virtual Advisory Community

The Virtual Advisory Community consists of adult caregivers and/or family members who assist in being the voice of the patients who have experienced care at Phoenix Children’s. Virtual advisors receive up to two brief surveys per month via email and give honest, helpful feedback on various areas and aspects of the health system. Family members may join the virtual community, as well as apply to another PFAC or PPWG. Or, you may choose to only join the virtual community.

Apply Today

We are thankful for the many patients and family members who want to be involved and share their journey. We encourage you to apply to participate in a PFAC or PPWG and/or the Virtual Advisory Community. We strive to create a diverse set of members and therefore, we cannot accept all applicants. Thank you for applying and we will be in touch soon!

Apply here to a PFAC or PPWG

Apply here for the virtual community

Lo invitamos calurosamente a solicitar su participación en el Consejo Asesor de Pacientes y Familias y agradecemos tener tantos pacientes y familiares que quieren participar y compartir sus experiencias. Sepa que tratamos de crear una membresía de lo más diversa en cada consejo y por ello no podemos aceptar a todos los solicitantes. ¡Gracias por solicitar su participación y estaremos en contacto!

Consejo asesor de pacientes y familias Solicitud de membresía

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