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Pediatric radiologists work with your child’s pediatrician or specialist to help guide decisions about which imaging study is best for your child. Each type of medical imaging has specific advantages to better-diagnose certain conditions. In some cases, more than one imaging technique may be necessary for accurate diagnosis.

Our team understands how to deliver exceptional diagnostic studies with a fun, positive and personalized approach. We recognize that each child’s needs are different and are equipped to make each experience less scary and more calming.    

Advanced Imaging Technology

Phoenix Children’s harnesses technology to provide exceptional patient care. In a partnership with Philips Healthcare, we use advanced imaging technology to meet the unique needs of children—making each exam faster and easier to perform with a higher level of diagnostic confidence. 

Child Life Specialists

Our child life specialists can help you prepare and support your child during any imaging procedure. We can arrange to have a child life specialist at the time of the exam to explain the procedure in developmentally appropriate ways and use various coping strategies to handle the stress of the hospital experience.    

Radiation Safety

Each pediatric radiology team member at Phoenix Children’s is committed to using safe imaging techniques: Phoenix Children’s radiology maintains medical radiation doses as low as reasonably achievable, a concept known as ALARA.

Phoenix Children’s is also home to Arizona’s Image Gently initiative, a national campaign to minimize radiation doses while maintaining quality imaging.

Keeping Young Girls Safe

We take every step to ensure the health and safety of all children. Since some procedures can harm a pregnant female or her unborn child, we test all girls who are 11 years or older, as well as younger girls who have started their periods. Please talk with your doctor, nurse or other medical professional if you have questions about this testing.

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