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Programs & Services

Rehabilitation Services

Phoenix Children’s offers a wide array of rehabilitation programs and services. Our goal is to help your child achieve the highest possible level of independence. We take a multispecialty approach that incorporates a variety of therapies. These include inpatient care and specialty clinics based on your child’s specific needs. All our programs provide family-centered, goal-oriented services across multiple specialties. 

We have the only pediatric inpatient rehabilitation program in Arizona. Our inpatient team treats children of all ages who are admitted to Phoenix Children’s or our 12-bed rehabilitation unit. Our program assures you of exceptional care, as recognized by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accreditation.

Outpatient therapy includes scheduled visits to Phoenix Children’s rehabilitation facilities after discharge from inpatient care. Doctors may recommend this type of care to address any additional therapy needs of a child or adolescent. Our therapists work with you and your family during treatment sessions. We may send home exercises or activities to do between visits. Physicians sometimes schedule outpatient therapy for patients who have not been admitted for inpatient care.

Seamless Multispecialty Rehabilitation Expertise 

Whether your child receives inpatient rehabilitation or outpatient therapies, we offer motivating and highly advanced and structured therapies to achieve targeted functional goals.

Care for Common and Complex Conditions

Doctors, therapists and other specialists at Phoenix Children’s, including the Barrow Neurological Institute, combine high-level expertise to meet the most complex needs.

We serve kids who have challenges directly or indirectly related to conditions such as developmental delays; movement disorders; the effects of chronic or complex diseases; brain, spine and traumatic injuries; and many other challenges. Our care teams maximize independence and function in children whose everyday abilities are affected by these and other conditions:

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