Innovative Care to Improve Outcomes and Keep Kids Comfortable

At Phoenix Children’s, we want kids to be kids: We want them to be able to play, run, participate in sports and activities, and enjoy all life has to offer. If your child has a chest wall abnormality, like pectus excavatum, they may not be able to take part in these simple pleasures.

A chest wall abnormality is more than a cosmetic issue. Your child may notice they can’t keep up with friends and teammates because they get tired more quickly or become out of breath during physical activity. They may feel fatigued or drained after a normal day at school. Left untreated, severe chest wall abnormalities can even cause heart or lung damage.

Fortunately, there are answers for your child. And you can find them with the expert, compassionate and proven care at Phoenix Children’s.

When you’re at Phoenix Children’s, you’re in experienced hands. Our program is home to some of the top pectus excavatum surgeons in North America.

Advancing Chest Wall Abnormality Care with Innovation and Imagination

Children and young adults with pectus excavatum and other chest wall abnormalities that interfere with their daily life may benefit from surgery. Today, the gold standard of surgical care for symptomatic pectus excavatum is the Nuss procedure. Our team has been performing this surgery since it was first invented and introduced to the medical community by Donald Nuss, MD, in 1998.

Since then, our program has grown to include eight dedicated surgeons with unmatched experience and skill in diagnosing and treating pectus excavatum and other chest wall deformities. We also collaborate regularly with a dedicated pain management team, physical therapists and other specialists to deliver multidisciplinary care for your child. This team approach has led to exciting new advances in diagnosing, treating and managing pectus excavatum and other chest wall deformities.

We have pioneered a new approach to Dr. Nuss’ original procedure. Our new innovations lead to fewer complications and a significantly decreased risk of injury to the heart and lungs. Learn more about our Programs & Services.

A Destination Pectus Excavatum Program for Children Around the Country and the World

When it comes to your child, you want only the best. Our surgeons have refined and honed their surgical skills by performing more than 1,000 Nuss procedures right here at Phoenix Children’s. We are one of the busiest pectus programs in the country.

Our passion lies beyond delivering outstanding care to kids and their families. It includes sharing our skills and knowledge with surgeons around the world. We have taught innovative techniques at Phoenix Children’s that are now being taught at our Advanced Pectus Conference. Surgeons from around the United States and other countries, including Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Indonesia, Russia and Turkey, have come to our course.



Phoenix Children’s is the only pediatric hospital in Arizona to be named “Best Children’s Hospital” by U.S. News & World Report.

Our Chest Wall Center is also a recognized leader in caring for children and young adults with pectus excavatum and other chest wall deformities:

  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital has become one of the country’s top destinations for the Nuss procedure to treat pectus.
  • Three of the top five pectus surgeons in North America are at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Mayo Clinic Arizona.
  • Our team has performed more than 1,000 Nuss procedures. That’s 1,000 children and young adult who are now breathing easier and once again enjoying friends, family and physical activity.
  • Phoenix Children’s Chest Wall Center recently performed its 500th cryoablation. This is a game-changer for patients who undergo the Nuss procedure for pectus excavatum (a.k.a. sunken chest).

Coordinated Care for Peace of Mind

Finding and receiving the right care your child needs shouldn’t be complicated. Our Chest Wall Center program coordinator, Rebecca Verduzco Padilla, is here to work with you and your family as you seek care. She and her team of associates can help. Whether you’re a local family or one of the many that travels to our center from out of town, she and her team are here to answer your questions and guide you to resources and support every step of the way. She can even help address any insurance questions or issues you might be facing.

You can contact Rebeca at 602-933-0016 or rverduzcopadilla [at] (rverduzcopadilla[at]phoenixchildrens[dot]com).