General Surgery Verified Center Badge

When your child needs surgery, Phoenix Children’s offers exceptional care. We’re verified by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) as a Level 1 Children’s Surgery Center – the only one of its kind in Arizona. ACS certification is reserved for centers that meet rigorous standards for safe, high-quality surgical care, exclusively for children.

Phoenix Children’s also meets standards set by the American Pediatric Surgical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Society of Pediatric Anesthesiology.

We treat newborns and children through adolescence and into young adulthood. Patients get comprehensive care throughout the surgical experience – from pre-surgical evaluation, communication and preparation through post-operative and follow-up care.

Leaders in Specialty and Multispecialty Surgery

Phoenix Children’s is a high-volume center for all types of pediatric surgeries, from high-risk neonatal and general surgical services to trauma and organ transplantation. Whether your child is having a minimally invasive procedure or more complex surgery, we offer the expertise you want.

Specialties and Multidisciplinary Clinics  

Phoenix Children’s provides seamless care across specialties, including multidisciplinary clinics – such as the Center for Fetal Care for medically complex pregnancies – and other centers of excellence.

We lead the way in caring for patients with critical congenital conditions such as diaphragmatic hernia and other life-threatening problems in premature and newborn babies. Our surgeons partner with imaging experts and other specialists to diagnose life-threatening problems before birth. Pre-assembled teams stand ready to treat at-risk newborns the moment they’re born. Survival rates for these critically ill babies at Phoenix Children’s exceed national averages.

Learn more about surgical services and programs and conditions we treat in children of all ages.

Patient- and Family-Centered Care

At Phoenix Children’s, we have specialists who understand and care about children and young adults with varying conditions at changing stages of development. We communicate with your child or teen respectfully at age-appropriate levels.

Our teams work with families and patients to be sure they understand their condition, treatments and any recommended procedures. We want everyone involved to know what to expect so they’re as comfortable as possible with their experience and care.

We offer personal and family support in these and other ways: 

When your child is scheduled for surgery, we offer help when and where you need it so you can focus on helping your child heal. For questions related to travel arrangements and getting around the hospital to security, support, information and more, just ask. 


Our clinics have dedicated coordinators who will guide you. They can help when you have questions or concerns.

If your child or loved one has been a Phoenix Children’s patient, we welcome your input to help us learn from your experience. You can apply to become a member of either a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) or Patient/ Parent Workgroup (PPWG).


Board-certified Child Life specialists tend to each child’s developmental, psychosocial and emotional needs during hospitalization. This plays an important role in the child’s treatment and healing process. 


When it’s necessary to miss school for extended hospital stays, we offer educational support to help children keep up.


This on-campus and online center offers information and individualized support, including a resource library with additional information about your child or loved one’s diagnosis and surgical treatment.


Surgical Services Physicians & Providers

Mark I. Salevitz, MD
Division Chief, Ophthalmology
4.9 / 5
Matthew A. Halanski, MD
Division Chief, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine; Herbert J. Louis Endowed Chair in Orthopedics
4.8 / 5

Patient Resources

When your child needs to have surgery, Phoenix Children’s has you covered. Our family-friendly specialists offer services and resources to make everything easier for you. We want you to have all the support you need, so you can focus on your child’s health. We offer a wide array of resources for you and your family.

We’ll help ease the anxiety that children may feel before surgery. Our resources include help with preparing for surgical procedures designed to help young patients and families. We offer age-specific suggestions on how to ease a child’s fears. We also give families access to a Child Life specialist who’ll walk you through the process, step by step.

The Child Life Department offers pre-surgery tours so children know what to expect when they are scheduled for surgery. During the tour, the Child Life specialist who provides the tour will offer guidance and information about the areas children will see during their hospital stay. Children and families get a closer look at the admitting area, surgery waiting room, pre-surgery room and recovery area. The tour helps everyone to feel more at ease and ready for surgery day.


Everyone – especially children – can feel better when they know what to expect, what to do and how to prepare. These tips will help:

  • Talk honestly with your child about the surgery. Use simple words that can be easily understood. 
  • Download a Phoenix Children’s app that can make matters simpler. For suggestions and ideas on how to explain surgery to your child, you can download the free app created by Phoenix Children’s called Simply Sayin’.
  • Read a book with your child about going to the hospital. Your Child Life specialist or a nurse at The Emily Center health library may have some suggestions.
  • Ask your doctor about what to expect. Ask about what your child will see, hear, feel and experience – before and after surgery. The doctor’s answers will help you prepare your child for what to expect during the surgery experience and recovery process.

Our anesthesiologists are involved in the entire surgery or procedure process.


When you’re preparing your child for surgery, you have a lot to plan and do. Learn what to expect and how to prepare. Find resources for everything from places to stay and things to do, to transportation options, educational materials, services and support. Learn more about planning your stay.

If you’re traveling to Phoenix Children’s from out of town, get information and help to plan your visit. Find details about hotels and other places to stay, including on-campus and off-campus choices, services and other accommodations for out-of-town visitors.