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When a loved one is diagnosed with an illness or health concern, you need access to clear, reliable information. The Emily Center at Phoenix Children’s is a place you can go for answers to your health-related questions and more. Our aim is to provide personalized health information, patient education, support, and guidance to help you navigate the healthcare journey.

Visit us on the first floor of the east building at Phoenix Children’s Hospital - Thomas Campus for trusted information and personalized guidance from nurses and other specialists. We staff the Emily Center with bilingual team members to better serve our Spanish-speaking families. Community members and the public are welcome, too. We will offer support and help you learn more about children’s health, mindfulness, resiliency, and overall wellness. 

You can also explore our online health information and external health library.

Contact Information & Hours

CONTACT: 602-933-1400

EMAIL: emilycenter [at] (emilycenter[at]phoenixchildrens[dot]com)

LOCATION: The Emily Center is located inside Phoenix Children’s Hospital - Thomas Campus in the East Building – First Floor

Mon. – Fri., 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Sat. – Sun., 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Information Offers Hope

Whatever the age, diagnosis or treatment, there’s a lot to learn. You want to feel comfortable about understanding and sharing medical and health information. Learning more will help you to make decisions that are right for you and your loved one.

The Emily Center provides education and scientific research information customized to meet your needs. We provide accurate, easy-to-read information that is accessible to everyone. 

You can ask to have materials delivered to a patient’s room or mailed to a home or email address. We can also send customized information packets to professional care providers in Arizona.

For Kids Like Emily

The Emily Center opened in 1990, inspired by a former patient at Phoenix Children’s. As a young girl, Emily Anderson, fought a rare form of adult leukemia for four years. She lost her battle just a few days before her 7th birthday. 

During Emily’s illness, her parents wanted to know more about their daughter’s disease. They struggled to find health information presented in easy-to-understand language. 

Emily’s parents co-founded the Emily Center to help others in similar situations find reliable, evidence-based health information they could use. They wanted a place where children and loved ones could go to learn about a health condition and care options. They wanted the information to be guided by licensed nurse experts who specialize in pediatric health information and education.

See What’s Here for You

Anyone can come to the Emily Center at Phoenix Children’s or call to request information, research articles, and learn. We will welcome you at the center’s front desk. Our staff is happy to answer questions, guide you through the center and share our interactive learning stations.

Visit us to check out materials and books or call to see if we have a book of interest. We offer educational books about various health topics, which are written specifically for children. Younger kids will enjoy kid-friendly choices, including coloring books they can keep. 

Find a quiet place where we have stress-reducing massage chairs, virtual reality (VR) goggles and mindfulness resources.

Use our computer and office equipment to check email, send and receive faxes, and keep in touch with work, home, or school.

Our new technology includes large touchscreen displays and interactive whiteboards that help patients and families learn. Creative programs help to simplify complex topics and keep kids engaged.

Pediatric experts at the Emily Center created the Journey Board and other tools for patients and caregivers to be more engaged in the healthcare journey. Caregivers can print and/or download an app version of an educational Journey Board tailored to specific conditions. Our Journey™ in the Hospital helps them better understand their hospital stay. Learn more about journey boards and downloadable apps.  

At Phoenix Children’s, our original apps and teaching tools include the Simply Sayin’™ app created by our Child Life team includes pictures, sounds and easy-to-understand definitions to guide conversations and support understanding.

Our notaries are available to certify your signature, free of charge. Call for availability. Please note that notary services close 30 minutes before Emily Center closing times.