US New Best Children's Hospital Cardiology & Heart Surgery

The heart surgeons at Phoenix Children’s offer a full range of advanced surgical therapies for heart disease, including heart transplant surgery.

If your child needs heart surgery, you’ll find world-class care here from specialists who understand and care about kids. The Center for Heart Care offers complete care and surgical solutions, including complex heart surgery for children of all ages, as well as adults with congenital heart conditions.

Heart disease varies widely, from chronic conditions requiring monitoring, medical care or minimally invasive same-day procedures to acute heart disease that requires major surgery and hospitalization. We diagnose and treat a wide array of conditions as part of a highly individualized, heart-healthy care plan.

The Heart Experts

Our team combines high-quality care for children with leadership and experience in pediatric heart therapies. These range from common procedures to complex congenital heart surgery and heart transplantation. Whether it’s a congenital heart defect, an acquired heart condition, advanced heart failure or multiple conditions, the cardiothoracic surgery team at Phoenix Children’s can help.

The Center for Heart Care is home to top cardiologists and clinical specialists from around the country who share their expertise and experience to provide the best care for you and your family. We provide child-friendly, patient-centered heart care with conveniently close access to a full range of services. Before and after surgery, our multidisciplinary team keeps you informed and supported, from the beginning of your heart journey through follow-up care.

The Center for Heart Care leaders turn research and innovation into improved medical and surgical therapies for patients. An example includes our 4D Cardiology Visualization and Analytics (CAVA), as well as ongoing clinical research. This high level of dedication and teamwork among doctors, scientists and specialists translates to trusted care and high-quality surgical outcomes.