Our experienced and compassionate infectious diseases specialists diagnose and treat many illnesses, including those that arise as complications from other health conditions.

Getting and Keeping Kids Healthy

When your child has an infection, you want them to feel better. So do we. Most childhood infections are fairly straightforward and are managed by your primary pediatrician. Sometimes, though, infections are not quite so simple to diagnose and treat. When that is the case, our pediatric infectious diseases team at Phoenix Children’s can help.

We have decades of experience diagnosing, treating and managing many different types of infections, from Valley Fever to infections that arise as complications from other diseases or treatment – like a heart condition or cancer treatment. Our team also has experience in caring for children with weakened immune systems, undergoing cancer treatments and those who have developed infection after surgery. Learn more about our services.

Putting Your Child First

Everyone’s immune system is a little different. That’s why the same germ can cause different symptoms even in your own family. Those differences can be even bigger when someone has an underlying medical condition or is receiving certain kinds of treatment.

Many of the children we see are already patients at Phoenix Children’s, receiving care for other conditions or recovering from surgery. It may feel overwhelming if your child should develop an infection during treatment, but you can take comfort that Phoenix Children’s has an entire team of very experienced physicians who are specialists in treating infections in children.

Our team has a long track record of collaboration with the members of your care team in the management of infections that can sometimes be very complicated. At Phoenix Children’s our infectious disease experts call on our extensive training and knowledge to create a treatment plan that’s tailored to, and particular for, your child. We carefully consider the medications your child may already be on and their current treatment plans and goals, and we factor those issues into our recommendations. Then, we collaborate with the other members of your child’s healthcare team and share our recommendations on the best path forward – a path toward the successful treatment of your child’s infection.

Our physicians are committed to using antibiotics wisely. This means using antibiotics only when they are truly needed. When necessary, we use the right antibiotic, for the right duration and with a dose that is specific to your child’s weight and other health conditions. This commitment is part of a larger antimicrobial stewardship effort at Phoenix Children’s to limit the emergence of resistant bacteria and to avoid potential toxicity from unnecessary antibiotic therapy.

The medical care children require is very different from that of grown-ups. Children’s bodies (and immune systems) are changing and developing. They have different types of diseases in comparison to adults, and they are best cared for by people who have specialized training in the care of children.

That’s why Phoenix Children’s Infectious Diseases team is focused solely on caring for kids. We are pediatricians first and foremost but have also gone on to do an additional three years of fellowship training. This training and education focused solely on the treatment of infectious diseases in pediatric patients. We are board certified in the subspecialty of pediatric infectious diseases, and as such, we have the exact advanced specialized training in our field that is necessary to provide the best care for your child.