Our Immunohematology Clinic (IHC) is a multidisciplinary specialty clinic providing comprehensive care for children with concern for primary immunodeficiencies. Patients with these disorders have multiple organ systems affected, one of the most common being hematologic abnormalities.

Our multidisciplinary clinic offers coordinated care for the diagnosis, treatment, intervention and education of primary immunodeficiencies. This provides expertise in pediatric allergy and immunology, hematology and nurse-driven education. Our clinic is the only one for immunodeficiencies in the state.

As a tertiary medical center specialized in seeing children with complex immunologic conditions, the appointments in the IHC are very thorough, with first appointments often lasting two hours. Additional procedures and/or infusions may also be required for the diagnosis and/or treatment of patients, most of which can be performed directly in the clinic and often on the same day.