Phoenix Children’s offers a Vascular Anomaly Clinic for children with vascular tumors (growths) or malformations.

For children with vascular growths or malformations

If your child has a vascular anomaly, you need an experienced and diverse team with specialized experience. Some of these conditions are rare, so finding experienced specialists can be a challenge. The Vascular Anomaly clinic at Phoenix Children’s brings the needed specialists together to provide care and treatment for your child.

Vascular anomalies can range from small birthmarks to large, disfiguring growths or tumors. They usually show up early in life and are often congenital (present from birth), but they can also be a result from trauma or injury. Some anomalies are easily treatable, while others are more complex or result from underlying conditions.

That’s why the Vascular Anomalies Clinic at Phoenix Children’s includes multiple specialties and services, as well as a team-based approach to care. Our focus is twofold: To offer the highest quality care and treatment for children with vascular anomalies and to provide answers, guidance and support for these children and their families. 

This clinic requires a referral to see one of our specialists. Our specialty nurse, Kellie Badger, will help coordinate the care and resources you need. She can assist with coordination of care along with offering resources, support and education. Please call her at 602-933-2053.

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