The experts at Phoenix Children’s can help your child find relief from headaches, including migraines or tension headaches.

Helping Children and Their Families, Find Relief From Headaches

Headaches are painful and frustrating – frustrating for your child to not be able to participate in favorite activities and frustrating for parents to watch your child experience pain and discomfort. The team at Phoenix Children’s Headache Clinic is committed to finding answers for your family with services, programs and support designed just for kids.

Specialized Care for Children

Our clinic, located in the Barrow Neurological Institute is one of the largest pediatric headache programs in the nation, led by four dedicated board-certified pediatric headache specialists. Each of our staff members is specially trained to meet the unique needs of growing children, including their physical and emotional needs.

For example, we know how difficult it can be for a child to describe their symptoms. So, we use unique methods, such as a pain color chart and age-specific language to connect and engage with kids of all ages.

Our headaches specialists are trained to discover the true cause and the best treatment for children with headaches. Treatment plans are individualized based on your child’s needs, and may include lifestyle management, behavioral services, and medications and/or procedures for headaches.

Finding Answers, Together

Diagnosing and managing headaches can be complex. We’re committed to working together – with your child, your family and other specialists at Phoenix Children’s – to get your child back to doing what they do best – being a kid again.

We collaborate with departments and providers on our team to make sure that we’re answering questions, addressing concerns and making sure your child gets the care, support and treatment they need to feel their best.

Recognized Leaders in Pediatric Headaches

The Headache Clinic at Phoenix Children’s is proud to be part of the Neurosurgery and Neurology Department. Our work and commitment to improving the understanding, care and treatment of children’s neurologic conditions (including pediatric headaches) has been nationally recognized by U.S. News and World Report.

The Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children's Hospital is a premier Center of Excellence, designated as such because of the high-quality patient and family care. Our headache specialists also regularly participate in and lead clinical trials and research to help advance the care and treatment of children with headaches.

Research and Clinical Trials

Phoenix Children’s is committed to improving the care for children who suffer from chronic headaches by seeking new answers for headache care and teaching the next generation of doctors.

Patient Resources

Most headaches happen outside our clinic walls. We’re committed to connecting you to resources you and your child need to reduce pain and manage symptoms. Your care team may recommend one or more of the following resources:

General Information

Headache Diary Apps


  • Dawn Buse, PhD, website. Dr. Buse is a psychologist with expertise in headache medicine. Her website offers relaxation audio files and other resources.

Understanding Headache Treatments