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Programs & Services

Center for Heart Care

The pediatric cardiology team at Phoenix Children’s offers many programs, services and technologies to support our young patients and their families. We work with soon-to-be-parents navigating a prenatal diagnosis to children, adolescents and teens. We’ll even help young adults take the next step in their treatment journey and help them transition to adult cardiac care. 

Compassionate Care Starts with Diagnosis

Your child’s heart journey begins with accurate and reliable testing and diagnosis. At Phoenix Children’s Center for Heart Care, we offer state-of-the-art tools and sophisticated treatments to care for your child.

Our cardiology and related services include:

Cardiology and Specialized Services

Your child’s cardiologist and care providers may recommend additional specialized care involving these or related programs at Phoenix Children’s Center for Heart Care:

Holistic Support for Your Child’s Whole Health

At Phoenix Children’s, we understand that your child’s heart health happens outside of our exam rooms. We offer many types of support for children and families, including medical services, preventive care, health and wellness education, and personal support.

Ask your child’s care team about these and other available services:

  • Child Life Services
  • Diet and nutrition counseling
  • Educational library
  • Genetic and other counseling
  • Neurodevelopmental assessment and follow-up
  • Online health library to learn more about your heart and blood vessels, congenital heart conditions and more.
  • Pet therapy
  • Playrooms, toys and games
  • Schoolwork and student educational support for kids during extended hospital stays

Research and Innovation

Cardiologists at Phoenix Children’s collaborate with other specialists and scientists to improve heart care. Recent research includes customized heart models that help with patient education and pre-surgery planning. Our clinical studies test promising new therapies so they’re available sooner. Projects like these contribute to exceptional pediatric heart care: 

Learn more about clinical research trials at Phoenix Children’s.

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