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Activities & Entertainment

Phoenix Children’s Patient & Family Services team connects you to a full array of activities and entertainment options during a loved one’s hospital stay.

Contact Child Life:

Child Life Hours:
10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., 2 – 4 p.m. and 6 – 8 p.m. 

At Phoenix Children’s, we know that kids of all ages deserve a break from hospital routines. We provide ways for kids and families to kick back and have fun. Check out these and other opportunities during your stay:

  • Braeden’s Playground – An outdoor play area for patients, siblings and their families
  • Child Life Zone – State-of-the-art fun, from stages and stars to crafts and quiet zones
  • TV breaks – A full menu of family-friendly programming for everyone’s enjoyment
  • Toys and games – Gaming systems, board games, books, crafts and more for use in the playroom or in your child’s room

Braeden’s Playground  

This 4,500-square-foot outdoor play area memorializes Braeden Chamblee who lost his life just nine days after birth. Now, it transforms fears and tears into smiles and laughter for children. 

The brightly colored area is sometimes also used by our biobehavioral experts. They specialize in using social and therapeutic play to help kids cope, learn and heal. Highlights include:

  • Putting green 
  • Climbing structure
  • Performance stage
  • Phoenix Suns Basketball Clubhouse 

Playground Use Requirements

Contact Child Life at 602-933-4545 for current health guides and use restrictions.

Child Life Zone

If you hear unrestrained laughter and family fun, you may be approaching the Zone. It’s located on the first floor of the East Building, across from The Emily Center. 

The Child Life Zone at Phoenix Children’s is a state-of-the-art play area that’s seriously fun. This 3,800-square foot, procedure-free zone is a safe place for kids to forget about hospital life and treatment to  remember why laughter is good medicine.

Siblings, ages 6 and older who are in good health are welcome but must be accompanied by a parent. Contact Child Life at 602-933-4545 for current health and use restrictions.

The Happiest Place in the Hospital

The Child Life Zone offers a welcome reprieve from diagnostic tests, procedures and medical conditions. Find out why people call the Zone “the happiest place in the hospital:”

  • Stage shows and stars – Kids can sharpen their talents, enjoy or create their own shows, and explore fun and games with resources like these:
    • Multi-use theater and gaming wall 
    • Garth Brooks performance stage
    • Interactive broadcast studio – kids create and view programs on Phoenix Children’s own TV network
  • Having a ball – All ages or skills can enjoy pinball machines or a game of pool and try their hand at air hockey.  
  • Therapeutic crafts – The Zone’s therapeutic craft and play center lets kids learn, express creativity and have fun.
  • Kitchen and cooking area – Children can cook up some fun here plus good reasons to say “yum!”  
  • Shhh! – quiet space – The Zone has a peaceful, noise-free place where kids can go to rest and appreciate quiet time.
  • Television break – See what’s on our family-friendly TV as another relaxing option.   

Other Entertainment Choices

Phoenix Children’s offers child-savvy viewing choices. Parents can rest easy knowing programming is family-friendly with safe, positive and age-appropriate programs.

TV, Movies and More

Each patient room has a television with age-appropriate programming on 12 channels, including English and Spanish stations, available 24 hours a day. Refer to the guide in your child’s room, or ask your nurse or Child Life specialist for digital and television schedules and guidance.

Programming options include: 

  • Hospital channels – Go to Channels 81 – 90 for free in-room movies and entertainment. Channel 90 is Phoenix Children’s Spanish only station.
  • Borrowed movies and resources – Patients and family can check out movies and other media from The Emily Center. A limited collection of movies is available through Child Life Services.

Please check with your nurse to borrow a movie. No PG-13 movies are allowed in patient rooms where a child is under the age of 13. The hospital doesn’t permit R-rated movies at any time.

Playrooms, Toys and Games

Child Life services can put you in touch with entertainment resources designed for kids. Contact 602-933-4545 for arrangements. Options include:

  • Playrooms – Children can choose to enjoy arts and crafts, movies, toys and more in child-friendly spaces. 
  • Video gaming systems – Games are available for checkout and also come around on a mobile cart. At your request, we’ll bring the cart into your child’s room. 
  • Board games, books, crafts and more – Children may check out board games, craft activities, books and more to use in playrooms or patient rooms.
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