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Participate in a Fundraiser

Looking for creative ways to get involved? We welcome you to join our efforts in the following ways:

Participate in a fundraiser

We welcome you to join any of our currently scheduled fundraising events, or we invite you to host your own event.

Attend a community event

From local fundraisers sponsored by national companies such as Papa John's and IHOP to fundraising campaigns by the Arizona Coyotes, there are many events to which you can contribute your time. A few popular ones include:

Host a community event

The beauty of hosting a fundraising event for Phoenix Children's is it allows you to engage family and friends to support a cause you're passionate about. A few ideas include: golf tournaments, car shows, 5K runs/walks. Any of these will provide vital funds to help us give the highest quality of care to patients and their families. To get started, please complete the Special Event Application and accept the Special Event Policies and Procedures of the application.


Create a fundraising page

Start your own fundraising drive and enlist your friends and family to help better the lives of patients at Phoenix Children’s.

How do I start?

It's easy. To create a fundraising project, simply submit your project info. Follow the instructions and fill in all of the fields. Then click the 'Save' button at the bottom. That's it!

What happens once my project is started?

Once the project has been created, we'll do a quick check to see if your project has all the details supporters and contributors will need to know.

What types of projects are accepted?

Fundraising projects can vary greatly. Be creative! Consider pointing friends to your fundraising drive in lieu of birthday or wedding gifts. Ask friends to sponsor your progress at an athletic event. Raise funding for a Hospital program that's close to your heart. However, any forms of illegal content will not be accepted.

How much does it cost create a fundraising page?

We only charge you when you run a successful project, meaning it's free to fail. We will keep 5% of the funds you collect if your project is successful. In addition, PayPal may charge a commission of 3-4% when we transfer funds.

How do I promote a fundraiser?

We've included sharing tools such as Facebook, Twitter and email, which you can find on the project page. These tools are just to get you started. Let your imagination run wild! Spread the word on your blog or your personal website; talk to friends at parties; chat up your neighbors or people at your local grocery store. Any ways you can think of to spread the word, go for it!

How does Phoenix Children's receive funds from my project?

When your project successfully reaches its deadline, the funds will automatically be transferred to Phoenix Children's to help support our life-saving programs.

My project reached its financing goal. What happens now?

That's great news! As long as the project has not reached its deadline, contributors are still able to participate and contribute (again). When your project reaches its financing goal, this is a nice opportunity for you to thank those friends, family and others who contributed.


Host a special event for patients

Events hosted at the hospital brighten the day for our patients, their families, and loved ones. Help bring a smile to a child’s face by hosting your own event. We welcome programs that are entertaining, interactive and of interest for children of all ages.

Our established in-hospital volunteers offer patient support with reading, playing games, assisting with arts and crafts, and spending one-on-one time with patients. These activities are not considered a patient event. Hosting a patient event can mean anything from staging a theatrical/musical performance to special guest visit to providing an engaging group activity.

Guidelines for hosting an in-person or virtual patient event

  • The group hosting the event is limited to seven people, and all must be at least 18 years of age. (Age guidelines and number of people involved vary for virtual events.)
  • Production groups, such as theater and musical groups, are limited to 15 people. Performers are required to be at least 12 years of age when seasonal restrictions are in place.
    (Age guidelines and number of people involved vary for virtual events.)
  • No additional guests/observers are permitted to accompany the event other than those directly involved.
  • Events and performances are usually 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Events and performances will take place in The Child Life Zone at Phoenix Children’s.
  • All members of the visiting group must be free of fever, cold and/or flu-like symptoms for two days prior to visit. In addition, they must not have been exposed recently to any contagious illnesses.
  • Events and presentations should be child-friendly and must remain free from violence and political or religious expressions.
  • Presentations and performances are limited to the presenters and performers only. In other words, no direct participation is permitted in the presentation or performance by patients and their families other than normal audience participation.
  • All character costumes must be licensed.
  • Costumes must be pre-approved by the hospital events team.
  • Groups are highly encouraged to have previous experience hosting events in other hospitals.

How to get started

  1. Review required Guidelines for hosting a patient event (above).
  2. Complete application form.
  3. Send completed application form to patientevents@phoenixchildrens.com
  4. All applications are reviewed by the hospital events team.

If your application is accepted, you will be contacted by the hospital events team.


Additional Resources

  • Phoenix Children's Foundation — Get involved in giving programs, charitable partnerships and more.
  • Giving Groups — Join or create a dedicated group of like-minded people joining together around a shared passion for ensuring the health of children.
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