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The Herbert J. Louis Center for Pediatric Orthopedics at Phoenix Children’s is dedicated to caring for the unique needs of children.


From birth through early adulthood, bones, joints and muscles (the musculoskeletal system) go through many changes. Because growth and development is happening at such a fast pace, injuries, diseases and conditions affecting a young person’s musculoskeletal system can be challenging to treat.

Children aren’t just small adults: They require a different kind of care.

The team at the top-ranked Herbert J. Louis Center for Pediatric Orthopedics at Phoenix Children’s is expertly trained to care for children and teens who experience musculoskeletal injuries or diseases and conditions impacting musculoskeletal function.

When you choose Phoenix Children’s for your child’s care, you choose an orthopedics team dedicated to caring for the unique needs of children. You can count on us to think about your child’s long-term health and offer them the treatment that’s most appropriate for their stage of development. Our goal is to return your child to normal function and movement as quickly and safely as possible.

Team Approach to Care

Many problems associated with a child’s bones, joints or muscles require care from more than one medical specialty. The Phoenix Children’s orthopedics team partners with experts across the organization to provide advanced care. We do this through a number of specialty centers, programs and clinics, like:

Phoenix Children’s is consistently recognized as a “Best Children’s Hospital” by U.S. News & World Report. We are one of only 24 hospitals nationwide to receive top rankings in every surveyed specialty area, including orthopedics.

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