Your child’s skeletal health is important for development, mobility and overall health — so when your child has a rare bone condition or dysplasia, you want to do everything you can to treat and manage it well. Specialized care is critical now and in the future as your child grows older.

Turn to the Skeletal Health and Dysplasia Clinic at Phoenix Children’s — the only comprehensive, multispecialty pediatric clinic of its kind in Arizona. Our clinic serves children and young adults from across the Southwest, and we’re constantly working to improve care for all children with skeletal conditions.

We care for children and young adults diagnosed with metabolic and fragile bone disorders and many types of skeletal dysplasia. We help families like yours cope with the complexity of these rare conditions, and we use the latest proven interventions, therapies and management tools to give your child the best possible care and quality of life. Our program combines a family-based approach with innovative research, education, and community engagement and outreach.

We are a clinical site for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) - funded Brittle Bone Disorders Consortium (BBDC) of the Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network. This multicenter group focuses on understanding and providing better treatment options for rare diseases that cause bone fragility and fractures.

Reach Out

If your child has a bone disorder, we’re here for you. Our Skeletal Health and Dysplasia Clinic coordinator can assist you in getting started with our care team and guide you throughout your visit. We can assist with coordination of care and link you to other resources. Contact us at 602-933-0638 or ortho-mdc [at]