If your child has any type of hand problem – a fracture, sports injury or even webbed fingers present at birth – Phoenix Children’s team of experts offers the only dedicated pediatric hand program in Arizona. We’re making a meaningful difference in the lives of babies, children and teens throughout the Southwest.

Expert Care for Your Child’s Hands

Think how much children rely on their hands and fingers. On any given day, they eat with a spoon, tie their shoes, color with crayons, throw a ball or type on a computer tablet.

Phoenix Children’s Hand Surgery and Congenital Hand Program specializes in the treatment of all issues impacting the movement, function and appearance of the hands and forearms. These conditions range from fractures, burns and lacerations to nerve problems. We also treat birth differences, such as webbed fingers, a missing thumb or club hand.

With skill and sensitivity, we give every patient a comprehensive evaluation. We perform testing, provide an expert diagnosis and create an individualized treatment plan. While some children benefit from surgery, others heal and adapt quite well with therapy and rehabilitation.

Our goal is to help our young patients function well with their hands and live to their fullest potential. Whether your child has a hand injury or is born with any type of hand problem, our specialists will take excellent care of your child.

Making an Incredible Difference

To provide children with the best possible hand care, we offer:

  • A hand specialist on call 24/7 for emergencies
  • Advanced surgical expertise, performing precision microsurgery to repair intricate blood vessels and nerves, transfer muscle, reattach fingers and treat other complex issues
  • A dedicated pediatric hand therapist on staff to help children regain the use of their hands
  • Second opinion consultations