Hand Surgery and Congenital Hand Program

Your child’s hand is a complex structure of bones, tendons, joints and ligaments that work together to perform daily activities – everything from brushing teeth to making a sandwich or using a cell phone. When something’s not right, our hand specialists provide expert care and offer many programs and services to improve the function and appearance of your child’s hand and forearm.

Physical and Occupational Therapy Services

We also offer occupational and physical therapy through the Inpatient Rehabilitation Program where our therapists partner with your child’s hand specialist to create a unique treatment plan.

  • Assistive equipment to help your child perform tasks
  • Bracing for hand and forearm fractures
  • Functional skills training
  • Joint range of motion and stretching of hand and forearm
  • Preoperative hand evaluations
  • Postoperative rehabilitation
  • Splint fabrication to prevent further damage and promote healing
  • Strengthening of fingers, hand or forearm
  • Therapies to reduce pain and promote healing (hot/cold packs, paraffin wax dips)

Services We Provide

Fusion of joints in the hand or wrist to relieve pain from injury or arthritis.

Surgery to treat or repair issues present at birth, such as extra or missing fingers, webbed fingers, oversized fingers or club hand.

A process that uses special equipment to create or lengthen bones in the fingers.

Procedures to treat fingers, hands, wrist or forearm damaged by pressure or force.

A program in which specially trained physical and occupational therapists help children regain the ability to function with their hands after an injury or learn to cope with congenital differences.

Used to reattach severed fingers, hands and arms by reconnecting small blood vessels and restoring circulation before the tissue dies.

Repair for tears, strains or other nerve damage.

Meetings to discuss treatment for babies after ultrasound discovers hand differences, such as missing, fused or webbed fingers.

Surgery to treat issues with the hand or forearm.

Surgery to eliminate pain and improve the appearance and function of a hand that was impaired due to injury or scarring.

Repairs to cartilage, muscles, nerves, ligaments, tendons and blood vessels.

A procedure that cuts or disconnects a tendon to allow the thumb, finger or wrist to move freely.

Surgery to reconnect damaged ends of tendons and allow movement of the arm, wrist or fingers.

Surgery to restore lost hand and arm movement by replacing a damaged tendon, nerve or muscle with a healthy one.