Excellence in Clinical Care

Adolescents have unique healthcare needs and concerns. Not simply big children or little adults, adolescents also require a special approach to care that recognizes the physical, social and emotional changes they are going through. That’s where our trusted expertise comes in. We partner with every patient and their family to provide the best care possible during this transitional phase into adulthood. 

Our team of providers includes specialists in the field of adolescent medicine who provide your teen with the best care possible. We acknowledge and support adolescents’ growing maturity and independence, encourage them to make healthy lifestyle choices and prepare them for healthy futures.

Caring for the Community

Our team is committed to improving the quality of healthcare adolescents receive. Our providers and staff are leading the way in training healthcare professionals, community groups and present local, regional and national lectures and workshops on a variety of topics related to adolescent health.

  • We provide clinical teaching and supervision of medical students and residents and are training the next generation of leaders in adolescent health.
  • We partner with community-based organizations and local, regional and national initiatives that address a range of social issues that impact youth, including homelessness, human trafficking and barriers to accessing healthcare. We deliver comprehensive care to homeless and runaway youth through our Crews’n Healthmobile outreach program and our collaborations with local drop in centers, and transitional living programs.
  • We serve as an expert consultant to Arizona Family Health Partnership in the state-wide replication of the University of Michigan’s Adolescent Champion Model. Through the project, our team works with medical practices across Arizona in identifying and developing healthcare process and practice solutions to better deliver adolescent-friendly health services that cater to their developmental needs.
  • The Adolescent Champion Model is a multi-faceted intervention to address a health center’s environment, policies and practices to ensure all aspects of a visit to the health center are youth-centered. This model has received awards from the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine, Society for Teachers of Family Medicine and Healthy Teen Network for its innovative approach to improving adolescent healthcare.