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General Surgery



Pediatric General Surgery at Phoenix Children’s has the largest team of pediatric surgeons in Arizona and offers surgical treatment for more than 50 conditions. 

With 24 highly trained pediatric general surgeons and advanced practice providers, the Pediatric General Surgery team at Phoenix Children’s offers comprehensive surgical services for a broad range of disorders, including: 

  • Abdominal Disorders
  • Central Venous Lines
  • Chest Disorders
  • Gastrostomy Tubes
  • Genitourinary Disorders
  • Hernias 
  • Neck Disorders
  • Prenatal Consultations
  • Skin Lesions
  • Trauma

Each year the Pediatric General Surgery team sees an average of 7200 clinic visits and performs more than 3,932 surgeries, more than anyone else in the state. Our surgical expertise ranges from the tiniest of newborns to children, teens and young adults. We specialize in all surgeries, including the more commonly known conditions like appendicitis and hernias to rare conditions found in the abdomen, neck or chest. We conduct these surgeries using minimally invasive or laparoscopic techniques or other procedures that might require more specialized and collaborative care.

Children need specialized experts who are trained in pediatric surgery and understand the intricacies of a growing body. Our team is ready to care specifically for the unique needs of infants to young adults. Verified by the American College of Surgeons (ACS), our Level 1 distinction indicates we meet the highest standards to provide the very best in pediatric surgery services. These standards ensure everyone in our Surgery department, including surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses, is entirely pediatric-focused.

Phoenix Children’s is dedicated to taking care of kids, and we work diligently to make each encounter a positive experience through our child-friendly atmosphere and the design of our surgical spaces, including our pre-op area and recovery rooms. Our Child Life specialists are here to see children through the challenges of illness, hospitalization and medical treatment.

Why Choose Phoenix Children’s?

Our general surgeons are on the cutting edge of clinical care and surgical treatments. We have conducted numerous clinical trials with patient centered outcomes and are part of several national collaboratives to learn about the latest treatment and surgical approaches.

Our team also focuses on a multidisciplinary approach where we collaborate across multiple teams to make sure we develop a comprehensive plan to treat the whole child. 

Our team is focused on quality and safety, and our department has been focused on quality improvement initiatives since our program started. At Phoenix Children’s, we regularly track our outcomes using the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program - Pediatric. Through this rigorous tracking, we have been successful in reducing surgical site infections, decreasing antibiotic usage for appendicitis and advocating to limit radiation exposure with computed tomography (CT) scans. We are constantly looking for additional ways to improve our quality measures and will continue measuring our surgical outcomes so that we can remain a top surgical program in Arizona and one that is always striving to provide the best care for children.

Conditions We Treat

For a list of all the conditions treated through the Pediatric General Surgery division, please click here.

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